Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Day Love Story

It was fifteen years ago, today, that she came into my life.  The man she had been with found another, and he no longer had eyes for her.  For me, when she came into the coffee shop, it was love at first sight.  Full-bodied and curvy, she had just the right amount of belly to be sexy.

Frankly, I loved her body before I ever even got to know her.  I hope that doesn't make me shallow...

I remember the first time that she sat in my lap.  I put my arms around her, and stroked her neck as she made happy sounds.  I knew, then, that I wanted her in my life, forever.

I don't think the age difference is a problem.  She is 13 years older than I, but I find her maturity to be one her strong points.  Even the fact that I am a Southerner, from Tennessee, and she is a Michigan Yankee doesn't matter.  I hear that Kalamazoo can be lovely, in the springtime.

Other guitars have come and gone, in my life, but my 1948 Gibson ES-125 has been with me longer than my ex-wife, and I plan on growing old with her.

I hope your Valentine makes you as happy as mine makes me!


Thursday, February 2, 2012


Back when I worked at Campus Bikes, I palled around with one of the part-time mechanics quite a bit.  He was a teacher, during the school year, and worked at the bike shop during the summer.

Just after I left Campus, he invited me to go to a New Year's Eve party at the house of the woman he was dating, at the time.  I found her to be a little pretentious, but free food and drink can make up for a lot of that.

After we had arrived and parked the motorcycles, we were being introduced around.  The girlfriend steered us toward a pompous-looking guy in  suit and tie.

"This is Andre.  He's a conductor!"

"Wow!"  I said with enthusiasm.  "I've always wanted to meet a conductor!"

Andre swelled a little, with pride.  He deflated a bit when I added, "I just love trains!  What railroad are you with?"

"I conduct an orchestra," he said, his face reddening, a bit.

"Gosh, I didn't know they had orchestras on trains,"  I replied.  "Do you have a special orchestra car?"

A vein was popping out on his forehead.

Andre said, through gritted teeth, "I don't work for a railroad!  I conduct an orchestra!"

"Do they play while you punch the tickets?"  I asked, pretending to not hear him.

By this time, people were snickering around us, and Andre was mad enough that he just walked off and left us standing there.

I'm not sure why I felt like I had to goof on Andre, like that.  I ended up talking to him, later, and he was actually a pretty decent guy.

Sometimes, I just get in those moods.