Monday, January 9, 2012

What a Coinkidink

Since I am no longer riding my bike to work every day, I decided that I needed to do a little bit of "training" in order to get ready for the rides I am planning on doing, this year.  That means spending some time on the rollers, a few times a week.  But, there was a problem with that plan.

I didn't have my rollers.

A couple of years ago, I loaned them to Tim, who was a customer of mine when I was building fixed gears.  He is a good guy, and I trust him with stuff, so I loaned him the rollers to use, with no time limit.  I was riding every day, at that time, and didn't need them.  Now, however, I needed them back.

But, in the meantime, I had gotten a new phone, and Tim's number didn't transfer over, for some reason.  So, I figured the rollers were pretty much gone, since I hadn't talked to Tim since my dad died, in 2010.

Last Monday, I went over to Performance and bought a new set of folding rollers.  They were on sale, but they still cost $169.00, which is a chunk of change to me.  But, I had no choice, so I just ponied up the dough and brought them home.

I set the rollers in the shop building, without even opening the box.  I figured I would break them out within a couple of days.  But, the next day, I had a little bit of a sore throat.  By Wednesday, I was fully into a chest cold, complete with cough and fever.

No roller riding was in the cards, for a few days.  So, the rollers sat in the box.

On Sunday, I was knocking around the house when the phone rang.  The number looked familiar, so I answered it.  It was Tim!  He wanted to know if I was home, because he was on the way over to my house to drop off my rollers and a set of wheels I had loaned him.

After we caught up a bit, Tim headed home and I headed to Performance.  It was nice to get the $169.00 (plus tax) credit on my card...



  1. That's almost Twilight Zone stuff. Great story.

  2. You must be leading a righteous life lately, or something.


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