Friday, January 27, 2012


He couldn't believe how well his life had turned out.  He had a terrific home, a sucessful business which gave him immense personal satisfaction and, most importantly, a wonderful group of close friends.  Life in Tucson was treating him very well, indeed.

The day was warm but not hot, and sun streamed in through the windows of his Mid-Century Modern office building.  His living quarters, on the top floor, were awash in a golden light as he looked over the edge of the balcony at his five closest friends, below.  Between them, they made up the most talented design group in the American Southwest, if not in all of America.

"Guys!" he called out, and they all looked up at him.  "Let's shut it down and go for a ride!"

A chorus of "Hell yeah"s greeted him from below.  Before he knew it, he and the whole group were out on the road, climbing Mount Lemmon in the bright sunshine.  It was the perfect day...

But, something hovered on the edge of his consciousness like a shadow on the edge of vision.  There was a ripple on the surface of the pond.

As he rode, he looked at the people around him.  His heart felt like it would burst with the love and admiration he had for those people.

"Why am I feeling so weird?" he thought to himself.

A flicker of light...a whiff of a foreign atmosphere.  He knew, suddenly.  He knew why he felt such a melancholy on such a wonderful day.  He only hoped that there was time!  He prayed to God that he would get to say what he needed to say.

In the atrium of his office/home, he gathered his friends around.

"I am going to be leaving you," he said.

"What?  Why?" Angela asked, confused and visibly upset.  Her words and emotion were echoed by those around her.

"I can't stop it," he said.  "I know , now, why this life has seemed so good, so dream-like.  I am waking up, and I will probably never see you again.  But I want you to know..." he choked up a little, at the flash of light which accompanied his words.

"I don't know if I will ever see you again,' he continued, "but I know I will never forget you!" 

The whole group was crying along with him, as the flashes of light increased in both intensity and cadence.

"I will always love you all!" he cried as the light overwhelmed the scene and, suddenly, he was awake in his bed.  Tears streamed down his cheeks as he felt the the sudden loss of separation from his friends and the life he had built with them.

"God!" he thought to himself.  "I can only hope that their world didn't cease to exist when I woke up!"

Dreams are sometimes more real than reality, making one wonder where the reality actually lies.  And, he felt the sadness at the loss of his alternate reality for the rest of his life...his waking life.

Or, was it...?



  1. Jon,
    Nice post!
    I can associate with them. They tend to bring a new meaning to one's existing relationship(s).
    Paz :)


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