Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hands Free

A while ago, I told the story of learning to ride with no hands on the bars. That story ended in bloodshed (twice) and a spanking from my grandmother.  Since that day, I have gotten a little better at riding no-handed.

The best bike I ever had for no-handed riding was my 1997 DiamondBack V-Link Pro.  That was the best-riding, most stable full-suspension mountain bike I ever rode, in general, actually.

One day, Val and I were riding in Moab.  It was one of 3 times I had ever gotten her to go to Moab, and I planned the week's riding around her abilities.  On this particular day, we parked close to the highway, and then rode the jeep trail to Gemini Bridges. 

On the way back, there is a pretty long downhill, which is never very steep.  But, it slopes enough that you can coast at 15 or 20 mph on some stretches.  On that hill, as Val and I rode along, I happened to let go of the bars and sat up to stretch my back.  As I did so, I realized that the bike was tracking straight and true, so I just rode along with no hands for  a while.

"Put your hands back on the bars!"  Val yelled.  "You're going to kill yourself!"

Of course, that made me curious as to just how far I could go, with my hands off of the bars.

"I'm fine,"  I told val.  "I'm just resting my back."

And so, we rode.  Val was staring daggers at me, and I was just booking along, enjoying the downhill.  Eventually, we got back to the trailhead parking lot, and I grabbed the bars.  Val was so mad that she barely spoke to me int he car, all the way back to town.

One of many reasons, I suppose, that Val is the ex-wife...


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