Monday, December 19, 2011

Walk Of Shame

I was riding to work on the DiamondBack Voyager II snow bike that I had built up, for that season.  I had the 26"x1.95" studded tires on it, and the bike was working great on the icy roads.  I was 3 miles from home, heading downhill on Dahlia, and everything was going smoothly.

I made the turn at 4th, in order to jog over one block and hit Eudora, which actually crosses 6th, unlike Dahlia.  I accelerated on 4th and, since the bike had been riding so normally, I blanked out the fact that there is always a lot more ice on that shaded stretch of street than anywhere else on the ride.  I got to the left turn on Eudora, and leaned into it at speed, as if I was on dry pavement.

The bike stopped pretty quickly when it hit the ground.  The pedal dug into the ice and acted as an anchor.  I had no such anchor, however, and I continued on down the street for about 25 yards, laughing all the way (as the song says).

I got up and started walking toward the bike, and promptly slipped on the ice and fell down.  It took a few moments to get back to the bike, and get rolling again.  I can assure you that I was a bit more careful on the turns, from there to the lab.


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  1. Such conditions give good helmet value. I also wear one in such conditions when I drive the Land Rover for when I fall in the parking lot. Falling is a lot more satisfying when you feel the clunk of helmet against the ice.


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