Saturday, December 31, 2011

Style Born of Convenience

I had a mountain bike, a few years ago, which always garnered a lot of attention at the trailhead and on rides.  It wasn't remarkable because it was ultra-exotic, or light as a feather.  And it wasn't even the recipient of an unusual paint scheme, like the Pink Bike or the Red Menace...

No, what always seemed to catch people's eye, and inspire comments or questions, was the set of grips I had on the bar.

When I built the bike up, I had gathered all of the parts into a box, and I took that box and the frameset home to build it up.  I got all of the parts hung on the bike, cabled it up, and got to the point where it was ready for a test ride.  The only problem was, I had neglected to throw the grips for the bike into the box, before I left the shop.

I looked around my workshop area, there at the house, and I found one yellow Specialized grip, and a red Gary Fisher grip.  I installed the mismatched pair of grips just so the bike would be more comfortable on the test ride, and planned on replacing them with a matching pair, the next day.

The next day, we were busy at the shop, and I had already left on my way to ride the bike at Waterton Canyon, before I realized that I had never changed out the grips.  No problem...I figured I would just do it, the next day.

I rode that bike for about a year and a half, and I never did swap out the grips for a matching pair, even after I wore the first set out.  I purposefully installed a mismatched pair, then, because I was accustomed to seeing them on that bike.

Since then, I have had a number of bikes with two different colors of cork tape, or two colors of grips.  I guess I just like the motley look, on some bikes.



  1. I occasionally wear mis-matched socks just because I can't decide which pair I'd rather wear that day (not because I'm having a senior moment!).

  2. I do that with my bike socks, quite often.


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