Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Special" Bikes

You see a lot of "special edition" bikes around if you go to as many yard sales, thrift stores and junk yards as I do.  My ex-neighbor, Scary Gary, had a Murray in "Official Bicycle of the 1984 Olympics" livery.  He was convinced that it was worth big bucks, and couldn't understand why I didn't get excited when he showed it to me.

Had it been one of the Murray-badged Serottas from the actual Olympic games, I would have gotten excited.

Leaned up against my storage building, in the back yard, I have a Dr. Pepper mountain bike.  It's a Murr-Huff-Master of some sort, obviously produced as a store-giveaway prize of some sort.  Still, it's a piece of crap.

One "special" bike I would like to have, though, is a Red Rocker from the early to mid-90s.  At that time, Sammy Hagar was heavy into mountain biking.  Using his celebrity clout, he got Gary Fisher to build a limited number of all-red, tig-welded mountain bikes, branded Red Rocker (Sammy's nickname, before he became known as The Guy Who Ruined Van Halen).

They are cool, with rigid forks and thumb shifters (as was the state-of-the-art, at that time), and a bunch ofSunTour components, of course.

Sammy, if you are reading this, I'd happily accept one of those bikes as a Christmas gift, if you want to give it to someone who will ride it, rather than throw it on eBay.

I'll even take back the Van Halen crack, if Sammy sends me a Red Rocker!  (Size Medium, btw.)


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