Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The first summer tht we lived in Savannah, I was 11 years old and the new kid in town.  I didn't have any friends, yet, so I spent a pretty solitary summer riding my bike and knocking around.

One day, I was riding down Pinhook Road, heading out of town, and I crossed the Horse Creek bridge.  As I approached the bridge, I could see a large object of some sort in the road, on the other side of the creek.  It looked like spare truck tire, or something.

As I approached this object, I saw that it was actually moving.  It suddenly occurred to me that it was a turtle...a huge turtle!  I drew nearer, thinking that I would try to get the thing out of the road before it got run over, but I decided to not do that.  In fact, I gave the turtle a wide berth when I saw the large, beaked head and realized that this was no ordinary (albeit huge) turtle. 

It was an Alligator Snapping Turtle.  A Snapper this big could have probably bitten my hand off, if it had gotten ahold of me,  It could certainly have taken a chunk of flesh.

So, I steered around the monster, and rode on.

Later, as I was returning home, I saw the turtle was still in the road.  As I got nearer, I could see that it had, unfortunately, been run over.  Its shell was broken, and there was blood all over the road.

The sad part is, I could tell that someone had purposefully run back and forth over the turtle.  They must have been in a large pickup truck, because I don't believe a normal sedan could have gotten over the big old reptile.

I rode on, hoping that the local rednecks wouldn't feel like treating me the way they had treated the big Snapper.


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