Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Bike Fever

One of the fringe benefits of working at Destinations was that I got a new mountain bike every year.  I worked out a deal with Scott, after I had been there a couple of years, which allowed me to afford that and also was a benefit to the shop.

Basically, I bought a new bike (or frameset and parts) every Spring.  And I bought fairly high-end, blingy stuff.  I always had the latest suspension, or shifters, or cranks or whatever, and a nice frame.  I bought mostly on my store account, so that I didn't have to pay all of the cash up front. 

During the year, I would trot the bike out to show customers how the high-end stuff worked.  If they wanted to try it out, I would let them demo it for a day or a weekend.  Then, the next Spring, I would trade it in to Destinations for a credit of 90% of what I had paid for it.

Generally, Scott would forgive the balance of my account (as a sort-of "late Christmas Bonus"), and I would have X-number of dollars on my account to order new stuff.  My old bike then became a rental bike, and we would rent it for a year before selling it.

The shop made money, I rode an essentially free bike every year, and everyone won.

Nowadays, that wouldn't be such a great deal for me, as I don't particularly care for the new high-end "performance" mountain bike stuff.  And, I don't know that the deal would be so great for the shop if I was buying and riding the retro-grouch stuff I prefer at this point.

It was nice, back in the day, though.


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  1. Looks like you had a nice arrangement with the shop! It reminds me of the very first bike I bought in the USA, a Schwinn. I used it for about a year and then sold it to my roommate for what I paid for it.

    Some of the newer stuff is okay, but I prefer steel, still!

    Paz :)


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