Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Favorite Bike

As you may have gathered, reading through these little stories, I have owned quite a number of bikes through the years.  I have no idea what the total number might be, but it has to be well over one hundred.  I have, at different times, owned from one to 30.  On more than occasion, I have completely turned my inventory, in other words sold all 20 of the bikes I owned then ended up with 15 different bikes, within a two year period.

If you count the bikes I bought and converted to fixed gears, or rehabbed and sold, the total number of bikes I have owned probably goes over 200.  Yet, I have no problem telling you which is my absolute favorite.

My favorite bike of all time is usually the one I am riding at any given moment, or the one I have ridden most in the period prior to you asking me the question.  I find myself repeatedly pedaling down the road, admiring the scenery, feeling good to be under my own power and thinking to myself, "I think this is the best bike I've ever owned."

Then, a day later, or maybe an hour later, I will be on a different bike, on a different ride, and the same thought will pop into my head.

Maybe that's why I always own so many bikes:  It's hard to get rid of them, when they are all your favorites.  In fact, if you read back through the archives of my blog, Two Wheels, and find the posts where I talk about selling bikes, the reason is always the same:  I haven't ridden these bikes lately.

While some say that "familiarity breeds contempt,"  I find that lack of use breeds disinterest.  That's why I only count the bikes I ride as being "mine".  I have nice, perfectly usable bikes (such as the KHS Team Softail and the vintage Nishiki road bike) hanging around that I no longer consider mine.  They have been replaced in the stable, and can no longer be my favorite...

Unless I happen to take them down and go for a spin.



  1. I think I largely agree with you.

  2. Absolutely. When I switch from riding one for a few days to another, I often ask myself, "Why have I not been riding THIS one?"


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