Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How I Know I am Growing Old

In the mid-90s, there was a magazine ad (for some forgotten product) which featured a photo of a pro mountain biker dropping down a rock face.  The rock, where he was dropping in, was concave, so he was dropping vertically, past a slight overhang, 15 feet high.  It looked pretty awesome, and a little scary.

On one of our early trips to Moab, Bill and I found the spot, off of the Slickrock Practice Loop, where that photo had been taken.  So, of course, we spent an hour dropping in at that same place, taking pictures of each other, trying to recreate the ad photo.

For a few years, that was our gut-check spot for newbies to the group.  We would take them to that spot, and drop off of the edge and see if the new guy would do the same.

It was astounding how many people took a pass, even after seeing us do it.

At least, it was astounding to me, back then.  Now, at 50 years old, I'm not sure that I ride that particular rollercoaster.  I tend to break, now, instead of bounce.  And, the recovery time from falls in such spots gets longer, every year.

Still, though, just thinking about it makes me want to go and take a look at it, in person.  I wonder if I can still find it...



  1. Got any photos of the spot? I go to Slickrock occasionally (in-laws live there) and would love to try it out...at least take a look.

    - Cam

  2. Clearly, an age theme is out and about...

  3. I don't know if these will help:


    We could never get the right angle to make it look as steep as it is, and there isn't a lot of background in the shots, either. But, they are the best I have.


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