Sunday, December 18, 2011

And Suddenly, The Road Jumped Up and Slapped Me

I have crashed my bicycle a few (hundred) times through the years.  The great majority of those crashes happened on a mountain Bike, and I consider crashing to just be an unfortunate part of riding off-road.

Of all my crashes on the road, I can tell you a reason for all of them except for one.  Mostly, road crashes occur when I hit something which upsets my equilibrium.  You know, a patch of gravel, some wet leaves in the apex of a curve, or some ice gets in the way...

But, one day, I had a crash I still can't account for.

I was riding my Raleigh SuperCourse fixed-gear to work, at Campus Cycles, from my apartment at Parker Road and Orchard.  I had already passed the house I was to buy, three years later, and I was at the intersection of Iliff Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.  The light was green as I approached, then turned yellow as I entered the intersection.  I stood up to accelerate through the intersection and...

And... the next thing I new I was over the bars and crashing into the pavement in the middle of the north-bound lanes of Colorado Boulevard.  I saw my pirate-skull tail light bouncing across the road in front of me, and a garbage truck approaching from the south at what looked to be a pretty high rate of speed, just as I was registering the pain in my  knee that I had landed on.

I disentangled myself from the bike, picked it up, and ran/limped to the far side of the intersection.  Once I was on the west side of Colorado Blvd, I set the bike down on the sidewalk and went back out into the street to recover my tail light.

I checked the bike out.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  I looked at the street surface, and I could see no hole or object which could have stopped my front wheel and caused me to flip over.  I could not come up with a reason for my sudden launch subsequent splashdown in the street.

I put my tail light in my pocket and rode on, trying to come up with a reason for the crash.  But, I never could.  It's still a mystery to me.



  1. Perhaps nexin's led faucet lights grabbed your front tire!

  2. Just to let everybody know: Steve's comment references a Spam comment which I just deleted. LED faucet light advertisements aren't what I am looking for, here on the Comments Page.


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