Tuesday, November 22, 2011


"Yeah," the dad said, as he drug the bike out of the back of his car, "I bought this bike online, for my kid.  I got it for half what you guys charge for one..."

"So, do you have a problem with it?"  I asked him, as he set the bike on the pavement.

"My boy is having trouble riding it.  He says it's hard to balance."

I looked at the bike, then at the dad.

"Did the bike come assembled, or did you have to put it together?"

"I put it together.  I called a couple of shops and they wanted more than I spent for the bike to put it together."

"Well,'  I said, looking at the fork, which was on the bike backward, "I can see one problem with the bike.  Problem is,  because of our liability as a business, if I take it in to work on it, I am going to have to do a thorough check on to make sure it's safe.  That will pretty much constitute a major tune-up, which is $65.00."

"That's ridiculous," the dad spluttered.  "Just tell me what's wrong with it, and I'll fix it myself!"

"Well, what I can see from here is that the fork is pointing the wrong way..."

At this point, the mom got involved.  Up until this time, shae had been standing quietly beside the car.

"Pay the money, Henry!  If you put the damn fork on backward, there's no telling what else you did wrong.  I won't let Jimmy ride this thing until I know it's safe!"

I ended up basically disassembling the bike and putting it back together, again, to make it safe and ridable. 

Mom came in to pick up the bike, sans hubby.

"He's so cheap," she said to me, as we loaded the bike into her car.

"And not much of a mechanic," I thought to myself.


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