Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Put A Lid on It

I got all the way to the far west side of Denver before I realized that I didn't have my helmet in the truck with me.  I had my mountain bike, and my shoes and gloves.  Just no helmet...

I gave it some thought, and finally decided that I could probably get away with one short mountain bike ride without a helmet.  But, I wasn't really comfortable with it.

I ride my road bike, routinely, with no helmet.  I have done more than one 100 mile loop with only a cap on my head.  But, I had never gone mountain biking without a helmet, before.   I told myself it would be okay, so long as I took it easy and just rode to be out in the woods, rather than for speed.

I got all the way to the trail head, telling myself it would be okay.  Then, I turned around and drove to a bike shop in Lakewood and bought a helmet.

I enjoyed the ride, a lot, after that.


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