Saturday, November 12, 2011

Police Impersonator

I was on the 16th Street Mall, here in Denver, one Sunday, taking advantage of the fact that bikes are allowed to rid there in the Sabbath.  I was having a good time dodging in and out among the tourists, the homeless and the mall shuttle buses.

Eventually, I stopped, and grabbed a Diet Coke.  I stood on the sidewalk, with my bike against a tree, and listened to a busker playing guitar and harmonica.

"Excuse me, Officer, I need some help."

A homeless guy was walking by me, asking a cop for a hand.

I continued listening to the busker, but the ragged old guy was still beside me, talking to the cop behind me.

"Don't ignore me, man!  I'm a person, just like anybody else!"

I looked around behind me, thinking I'd tell the cop to get off his ass and help the guy.  But, there was no one behind me.  Just then, I realized the old guy was talking to me.

"I'm not a cop," I said to him, amused at the thought.

"Yer socks say different..." he muttered, as he moved off.

I looked down and, sure enough, I had worn my navy blue "POLICE" socks that I had bought through the employee order program at the shop.

Hmmm...Maybe there is a reason they aren't supposed to be available to the general public.


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  1. The homeless guy by our office is schizophrenic and so he sees people that others don't...he also believes that some people don't actually exist. He believes that the security guard is a hologram...


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