Monday, November 7, 2011


We had been on the trail for over an hour, riding the Dakota Ridge/Red Rocks/Matthews-Winters loop and I was feeling pretty manly.  We had endured some lung-busting climbs, navigated through numerous technical rock gardens, dropped off of ledges and flown along the undulating ribbon of singletrack at amazing speed.

My leg muscles were burning, and I was thinking that I was pretty studly, as we approached the paved road, ready to head under I-70 to the north parking lot.  We had been forced to park there because the Matthews-Winters parking lot was full.

We stopped to let a couple of cars go by, then we saw a cyclist approaching, so we let him go by as well.

He was a paraplegic, riding a hand-cranked 3-wheeler, arm muscles bulging as motored up the grade.  We waved, and he gave us a nod on the way by.

I didn't feel quite so studly, after that...


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  1. As I said - one legged lady on a bike. very humbling.


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