Monday, November 21, 2011

Neither Rain, Nor Snow...

When I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee, in 1996, I had some complications after the surgery.  Due to blood pooling within the knee, and clotting against the nerve trunk which goes down the leg, I spent about a week off of my feet.  While I was off my feet, I was also off of the bike.

I went back to work as soon as the doctor cleared me to stand for more than 20 minutes at a time.  I had a lot of stuff to catch up on, at the bike shop, and I was happy to be back in circulation, and out of my house.

That first morning, I decided to go get the shop's mail out of the box.  We tended to only pick the mail up every few days, because the box was on the far side of the shopping center, out of sight of the shop door.  So, we just didn't think to go get it, every day.

I started walking toward the box, and decided I didn't want to walk 40 yards there, then 40 yards back.  I eyed the shop bike, in the bike stand, and decided to go for it.  I got on the bike, and started to pedal.  Immediately, I figured out that I did not have the range of motion, in my knee, which I needed to make a full revolution of the pedal.

At least, I couldn't pedal all the way around if I was sitting down.  So, I tried standing up, and found that if I leaned my body to the left as my right foot came over the top of the pedal stroke,  I could actually pedal.  I was so happy to be back on a bike...

I got back to the shop door, with the mail, and Scott was there.

"I've never seen anyone actually limp while riding a bike,"  he said, as he took the mail from me.

"Is that right, Marshall Dillon?"  I asked in my best "Festus" voice.

I managed to stay off the bike for a few more days.  The next time I got on one, I could actually keep my butt on the saddle.  It was nice to be back.


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