Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life Imitates Art

I think that I have mentioned that our mountain bike club, at Destinations, was call Team Howling Duck.  It was a mostly nonsense name, with very little meaning behind it, but people always asked just what it did mean.

One year, we decided to do the Moonlight Classic night ride through Denver as a Howling Duck ride.  We had shirts made, with the club name on the sleeves (which we ended up getting for free, since the t-shirt guy applied the vinyl letters upside down on the sleeves), and showed up en mass for the ride.

Cody showed up, and announced that everyone would know that we were Team Howling Duck, for sure, when we rode by.  And, he was right.

Cody had brought a Burley trailer, decorated with crepe parer and the club name, much like a high school homecoming parade float.  Inside, nestled into a bed of straw, were a half-dozen live ducks from his parent's menagerie.

For once, the high-wheeler didn't get all of the attention, on the ride.


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  1. Love this story...

    I really appreciate when folks make the extra effort to make something special. Nice work, Cody. This is not my natural tendency, but I really want to be more like that.


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