Monday, November 14, 2011

In The Key of Goofy

A few years back, when I was selling fixed-gear conversions on the internet, I was a sponsor/advertiser on the The Fixed Gear Gallery.  So, I decided to attend their get-together (The Fixed Gear Symposium)in Traverse City, Michigan.

I packed my orange Peugeot into my hard-sided travel case, locked it up, and shipped it to the event location.  A few days later, I flew from Denver to Traverse City.

Since I was traveling, and catching a ride to and from the airport, I carried a keychain with only my house key on it.  I didn't want my normal wad of keys in my pocket, while riding, and I didn't want to chance losing them.

Of  course, when I went to unpack my bike...

Yeah, the key to the travel case was on my normal keychain, back in Denver.  Eventually, I just borrowed a screwdriver and forced the locks on the case.  I wasn't going to leave the bike packed up, all week, and I wasn't too concerned about the case, which I had picked up at a yard sale for $20.00.

I had a great time on the group rides and whatnot.  Then, at the end of the week, I packed the bike up and put some straps around the case to hold it closed.  The bike got home, with no problem, and I ended up donating the travel case to a charity rummage sale.

I included the traps with the case...


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