Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hey, Slick...

Back in the day, I would often meet Brad over at the Willow Creek Starbuck's, where he worked, for a bit of urban mountain biking.  Particularly in the wintertime, there were days when we wanted to ride the mountain bikes, but couldn't get up to the mountains.  So, we would ride the paved bike trails, and swing off on the occasional bit of bootleg single track that kids in neighborhoods had built.

Eventually, we would stop for coffee, somewhere.  Some things never change.

One day, as we rode, we encountered icy patches left over from a recent snow/melt/refreeze cycle.  For some reason, every time we hit one of these icy spots, Brad rode right across it and I...well, I did not.

I fell about 10 times, that day, and landed on the same spot on my left hip, every time.  I was a bit sore, and frustrated, by the end of the day.

It's funny how that will happen, sometimes.  I don't know what causes one to continually auger in on the same part of the body, over and over, but I have seen other people do it, too.


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