Saturday, November 19, 2011


I went on a night ride, one evening a few years ago, and took a hip flask of Jameson's Irish Whiskey with me.  It was a cool evening, and I thought it might be nice, at some point, to stop and have a nip to warm the old bones up, a bit.

But, I ended up stopping at a bar, instead.  I had a few nips, there, and chatted with some folks for a while.  Then, I rode home, enjoying the cool nigh air on my face.

It was the next morning before I realized that, somewhere along the way, my flask had gotten out of my pocket.  It was like the Irish whiskey inside was insulted that I had passed on drinking it, and I drank Kentucky bourbon, instead.


Oh, well.  I hope someone found my flask, and enjoyed the contents.  I'd hate for that much Jameson's to go to waste.



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