Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We're Number 10!

You may have noticed a good number of lightning-related stories, here, in the past 9 months.  "Is Jon fixated on lightning?" you might well have thought.

Well,'s just that we get a lot of strikes, here in the Centennial State.  Colorado is 10th on the list for death by lightning, out of the 50 states.  (Oddly, the other two states in which I have owned homes, Ohio and Tennessee, rank 6th and 8th.)

Not long after I was knocked off my bike on Kenosha Pass, by a nearby lightning strike, one of the riders on the race team we sponsored was hit by lightning as he rode.  The bolt hit a metal fence, alongside the road, and the electricity arced over to him and knocked him senseless.  It took months for him to recover.

But, at least he did recover.  A motorcyclist on Highway 36 was hit by lightning, a couple of years later.  Other motorists were surprised to see that he just kept riding along like nothing had happened.  Then, he drifted off the road, a couple of miles from where he had been struck, and crashed in the ditch.  The bolt of lightning had killed him, outright, when it struck him, and he had been a riding corpse from there!

Watch the skies!  Watch the skies!


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