Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of Dark

I was riding my bike on the rollers, one evening, when I had a problem I had never encountered.  This was not the first time I had been on rollers.  In fact, it was five or six years down the line since I had first started riding on them.

I was in the basement of my house in Elizabeth.  The time was sometime around eight o'clock in the evening, in the middle of winter.  There was no window to the outside, from the room I was in, and it was dark outside, anyway.

I was cranking along on the rollers, averaging about 20 mph, paying close attention to what I was doing so that I wouldn't ride off of the side of the rollers.  That was a real possibility when I was riding hard.  I would lose focus on the rollers because I was concentrating so hard on the effort to maintain my speed.

So, I was rolling along, paying close attention to my position on the rollers, trying to maintain a central position and avoid riding off of the side and crashing.

Then, the power went out and the room was plunged into cave-like darkness...



  1. As a former roller rider, I'm very curious to know what happened next. Remembering my own roller skills, I can imagine that I might have been able to avoid a complete lay-out on the floor, but it certainly would have been an awkward dismount.

  2. Did you then ride off the side of the rollers and crash?


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