Monday, October 10, 2011

Sometimes, You Just Don't Know Any Better

When I went to Campus Cycles to interview for the job of Service manager, I rode my bike.  I was living between Parker and Aurora, on Parker Road, and I wasn't really sure how to get to Campus on a bike.

So, I looked on a city map and figured out a way to go.  I meandered my way over to the area where I now live, and just hit Evans Avenue to go west from Colorado.  After I went through the interview, I was talking to some of the employees and one of them asked me how I had gotten there.

I outlined my route and, when I got to the part where I rode down Evans, all of the guys went wide-eyed.

"I can't believe you rode down Evans," Ned Grant said.  "I would never get on that road!"

So, I asked them how they would go, and they laid out what I refer to as "The Bike Route", now, when I go south from home.

I was reminded of this, this morning, when I saw a guy on a Toys R Us bike riding down Evans between Colorado and University.   I thought to myself, "Man, I'd never ride a bicycle out in traffic on this road!"

Then, I remembered that, at one time, I had...



  1. Sometimes, you also go that way, just so you know you still can...

  2. See, that's better than us who would drive on a road and say "wow, those bicyclists are crazy, if I was riding a bike, I'd never ride on this road", but of course, now we ride the bike on that road...


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