Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Red Menace

I have always been partial to the color red, on vehicles.  First, I had Big Red, the Western Flyer bike I got at 10 years old (and still have).   Then, I helped my daddy pick out the second Big Red, a 1975 Chevrolet Impala. 

When I was 16, I got a motorcycle rather than a car.  It was a 1977 Suzuki GS-400.  Color?  Red, of course.

Since then, I have owned a number of red bicycles.  The reddest of these was a carbon fiber Gary Fisher mountain bike which I called The Red Menace.

It started out as a gold Paola Pezzo World Champion model, which Brad bought new.  He had it painted blue, to match his SID SL suspension fork.  Unfortunately, the blue ended up closer to Poppa Smurf than it did to SID.  So, he had it repainted red.

I bought it from him to replace my stolen DiamondBack, before he ever built it up.  I had planned on building up an aluminum Gary Fisher, but eventually decided that I didn't like the fit of that frame.  It was blue, and I had bought red components to contrast with it.

I ended up with a red frame, festooned with a red and yellow saddle, crank with red bolts, red tires, red grips, red spoke nipples and yellow brake pads (which matched the yellow decals I applied to the frame). The effect was somewhat overwhelmingly

So:  The Red Menace.

It was a nice bike, and I ended up rebuilding it and passing the frame along to Carol's oldest son when I was done with it.  He still has it, and it is still an impressively light bike, even at this late date.

Since then, I have had a number of red bikes come and go.  But, there will only always ever be one Red Menace.



  1. Hmm. Red is nice, although I prefer the yellow/black combination. I have a white bike. We'll see what the future holds!


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