Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We had an employee, for a while, at the shop who was a bit...eccentric.  I won't call his name, here, but I will say that I have never seen anyone quite so obsessive about the finish on bike parts.

Now, a lot of people like to polish their parts to a mirror finish when assembling a high-end bike.  At least, we did back in the days of silver alloy parts.  Black-painted alloy or (shudder) carbon-fiber components don't lend themselves to this particular brand of TLC.

Our unnamed compatriot certainly was in good company when it came to polishing hub bodies, crank arms, brakes, etc.  But, he took it one step farther.

I came in one day to see him assembling the parts for a wheel build.  He had already spent a week of spare time polishing the Campy hub bodies, and I figured he was about to start assembling the wheels.  I was somewhat stunned, though, to see what came next.

He picked up a spoke and, yep, got out the polishing compound and started in on the stainless steel.

Two wheels.  Thirty two spokes per wheel.  Fifteen minutes of polishing per spoke.

That's sixteen hours of his life spent polishing those spokes.

Takes all kinds, they say, to make up this crazy world of ours.



  1. I don't find that unreasonable at all.
    Sort of.

  2. I thought you were going to say he polished the rims and then went for a ride, only to find he had no brakes!


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