Friday, October 7, 2011

One Of Many

One difference between pro mountain bike racers and me, is how we each handle a flat tire in a short-course race format.

I have been in the middle of a 10 lap short-course race, or "dirt crit", and flatted.  What did I do, at that point?  I pulled over and replaced my tube, then took off again.  Of course, the entire field lapped me while I was changing the tube out, but I was back in the race as quickly as possible.

At Winter Park, a decade or so ago, Travis Brown had the same experience.  He came by where I was standing, and I saw that his front tire was going flat. What did he do?

Travis pulled over, removed the front wheel, stripped off the tire and tube, popped the wheel back into place, and took off again.  He raced the next 8 laps on a bare front rim.

I wish I could say that his heroics got him a win, but they did not.  He only came in second!


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