Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Favorite Campsite

When I first began to stop off in the Fruit/Grand Junction to ride my mountain bike, I typically did so on the way to Moab.  We would leave Denver early in the morning, get to Grand Junction late in the morning, and ride until the sun went down.  Then, we would camp out, and drive on to Moab, the next morning.

My favorite campsite was on the ridge along the area where Mary's Loop, Lion's Loop and all of those trails run.  We would take the dirt frontage road west about 2  or 3 miles from the Loma Exit off of I-70, then drive to the top of the ridge on a Jeep trail.  On top of the ridge, instead of following the trail down the other side, we would turn left and drive up a short spur to a stock gate.

There, we could pitch the tent, without blocking the trail, and build a campfire in my portable grill.

We had some good times at that camp.  Once, we sat on a rock and watched an aerobatic airplane fly some amazing maneuvers for about 2 hours.  I suppose the pilot was just practicing, but we really enjoyed the show he put on.  And, I think he was putting on a show for us, after he saw us sitting there. He waggled his wings at us on the way past, a couple of hundred feet off the deck but close to eye-level with us on top of the ridge, then really let it rip.

I still remember how good the bacon was, on another trip, when I cooked it over the coals on my grill.  I put the strips of bacon on the wire grill, and let it cook as I fried eggs in a pan. That might well have been the best bacon I've ever tasted.

There is a new trail-head parking lot in that spot, now.  No more camping on the ridge...



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