Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Modern Fable

Once upon a time, in a land which worships Pro Sports, there lived man who really didn't care to be a spectator at sporting events.  It did not thrill him to watch strangers play children's games for obscene amounts of money, nor to discuss the performance of those strangers the next day.

This caused the man many hardships, throughout his life.  He often felt left out in work-place conversations, as everyone else discussed the previous day's stranger-efforts, or arcane trivia from the remote history of strangers playing games for money.  His masculinity and love of Country were questioned.  Many people pitied him, and some shunned him.

In the land of Pro Sports worship, the people held an annual celebration of the New Year called The Super Bowl.  The man who didn't care to be a spectator dreaded the Super Bowl discussions and media saturation, every year.  His spouse, and her family, simply did not understand this, and insisted on turning the observation of the game into a social occasion.

Super Bowl Party...

Eventually, this disparity in outlook, plus many other factors, resulted in the man becoming Single, once again.  Suddenly, he was no longer required to participate in the pagan ceremony of Super Bowl.  And so, he did not.

He found that, on the day of the huge game-watching ritual, that he could ride his bicycle anywhere he wanted to ride it, with very little interference.  He could ride on streets, on trails, in town or out and see very few other vehicles.  He found it refreshing to be able to move, with no resistance, through the world abandoned by the spectators.

Super Bowl Sunday became Low-Stress Bike Ride Sunday for the man.  And, he was a happy participant...



  1. I didn't realize you knew me so well.

  2. Stupor Bowl Sunday is The. Best. Day. to go skiing. You get the whole mountain to yourself and no lines at the lifts.
    "It did not thrill him to watch strangers play children's games for obscene amounts of money"
    So true.

  3. Great post, and I feel the same way. Fortunately Sarah doesn't care for pro sports, either. We happily ignore them. I hadn't recognized super bowl Sunday as a great riding day though, I definitely see that the streets would be vacant, although I would be more than a little worried about drunk drivers.

    Another great day for biking is Black Friday, as long as you can get out of town without hitting too much traffic.

  4. Actually, I like to ski on that annual day. In contrast to Christopher's experience, it is a good day to get up a little later than usual and do most of the skiing in the afternoon.


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