Monday, October 31, 2011


I love my Peugeot fixed gear.  It is a 1974 UO-8, which I bought from the original owner (who never rode it), and converted to fixed gear 4 or 5 years ago.  It is bright orange, and the prettiest bike I have ever owned.

It is striking enough that it seemed everyone I knew started looking for orange Peugeots after I got mine.  I had found another one, and ended up selling it to Tracy.  Then, Brad started searching for one, and eventually bought one from a guy in California (then painted it black, later!).

One day, Randy called me up and told me that he had found something for me.  He brought it over, and it was a 1976 (I think) Orange Peugeot mixte.  Carol ended up with that one, as a fixed gear conversion.  I keep it in my shop building, so she always has it available if she wants to go for a ride and doesn't have a bike with her.

I even found with a folding Peugeot bike, with 24" wheels, in orange.

While I seem to have cornered the market in orange Peugeots, that didn't stop me from buying the orange Handsome XOXO, as soon as it was available.

A day without an orange bike is like a day without sunshine!



  1. Well, orange is what happens when red fades in the sun, so they are close cousins to red bikes.

  2. Your Rockfish was orange too, if I recall. I'm thinking of painting mine pink.

  3. You are right, Thomas. My Rockfish was orange (but my Gary Fisher is pink...).


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