Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is That A...?

Fifteen years ago, cyclocross racing didn't have nearly the recognition, here in the United States, as it does now.  And, it is still relatively obscure, today.  So, it was virtually unknown in many areas, back then.  One of those areas was, apparently, Jefferson County, Colorado.

I took my DiamondBack Avail, with drop bars, 700x35c cross tires and a road triple crank up the east side of Mt. Falcon, one Saturday, in 1996.  There were a lot of people on the trail, as usual.  Besides mountain bikers, there were trail runners, hikers, dog walkers and others.

I would say that full 60% of the people I met on the trail, that day (and 90% of the mountain bikers), asked the same question, in the same disbelieving tone of voice.

"Is that...a...road bike?"

"No," I answered the first dozen or so.  "It's a cyclocross bike."

Of course, the people asking the question had no idea what that meant.  If they had known, they wouldn't have asked what they asked.

Eventually, when someone would gawk and ask, "Is that a road bike?", I just answered "Yes," and continued climbing up the trail.

Now, I doubt that many people on Mt. Falcon would even notice or question the bike.



  1. "Cross Nation!"

    But what did you need with a triple? Anything steeper than you can use a double on should be used to improve your shouldering.

  2. 1.5 miles is a long run-up...


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