Friday, October 28, 2011

I Get Better Mileage, Too...

I was riding to the coffee shop, one snowy/rainy February morning.  I was on my teal Jamis fixed gear mountain bike, the Miami Vice, with two blinky lights flashing on the back and my Cygo Light on the front.  I got behind a Prius, on Iliff, and followed it through the neighborhood as it made every turn I make to get to Kaladi Brothers.

The car went straight on Warren as I turned up the alley to get to the coffee shop.  I parked the bike, turned off the lights and went in.

As I stood in line, a lady walked in the door and took her place in line behind me.

"Is that your bike?" she asked, pointing out the window.

"Yes," I replied.

"Wow!  Your light is brighter than the headlight on my Prius!" she exclaimed.

"I find it cuts down on the collisions with other vehicles if they can see me,"  I said.

"Well, I could certainly see you in my mirror," she said.

That's why I run the big lights.


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