Friday, October 14, 2011

Gimme A Break!

I was thinking about broken bike parts, the other day, as I was sorting stuff out for my yard sale.  As I threw away a broken shifter, I started wondering if there was any part of a bike that I had never broken.

I've had pedals come apart as I rode.  My crankarm snapped on the way to work, one day.  I broken numerous spokes, chains and cables.  Seats have come apart, as have the clamps on seatposts.  I 've snapped a handlebar twice...

Freewheels have blown apart, and shifters have puked out small parts as I tried to shift.  Crashes have taken brake levers out.  I've had frames break (rear droputs, both times), and I luckily saw the cracked dropout on my fork before it could actually snap.  But, it was broken.

I've had sealed bottom brackets come unsealed and lock up, and a half-dozen axles have become two-piece units for me, through the years.

Apparently, I am a bit hard on the equipment.

I finally figured out that there were two pieces on the bike that I had never broken:  the stem and the headset.

Just give me time, though...


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  1. Shawn says you're a wuss. He's broken both the stem and the headset. But he hasn't broken a derailleur or shifters...of course, it's tough to break a derailleur and shifters when you ride a bike that doesn't have them. And amazingly he hasn't ever broken a fork.

    But he did say you have a special gift for the derailleurs and shifters. Perhaps you should think about putting that on your resume...


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