Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why I Changed Powder Coaters

I had used the same powder coat company for 10 years before I finally decided I had to find someone else.  I had sent a few bikes to them, over the course of six months, which came back with problems.  The powder would have runs in it, or the the flat faces of the head tube and seat tube would have a thick layer of powder coat which I would have to trim off.

One of Brad's frames came back with so much powder on it that you could barely see the lugs!

Then, I sent a Bianchi frame to them for a coat of red.  It took three weeks to get it back, and when I did...the damn thing was Kelly Green!  That's about as far from the color I had picked out as you can get, on the color wheel.

One thing I just cant't abide is a color-blind powder coater.


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