Monday, September 12, 2011

Up, Up and...Awaaaayy!

We were having our yearly tent sale, at the bike shop, and the big stripy circus tent was set up on the grassy area in front of the store.  On the sidewalk, directly in front of the store windows, we had a series of tables, covered with clothing, used parts, etc.  The sun was always a problem, in the afternoon, if you were working those tables.

Our DiamondBack rep came through for us, and loaned us her Easy-Up shelter to put over the sidewalk.  Three of us set the thing up, and I was a little nervous about the weather.

I went inside to talk to Scott.

"I'm not sure we should raise the Easy-Up, yet," I said.  "It looks like it might get stormy..."

"Ah, go ahead and put it up.  We'll tie it down, later."

Fifteen minutes later, a sudden thunder shower bore down on us.  Before we could even get outside, a gust of wind picked the Easy-Up off the ground, and it flew about 15 feet up into the air, as it headed north across Cottonwood Drive.  It barely missed a couple of cars which were driving by as it crashed into the parking lot of the bank across the street.

Needless to say, Caroline (the rep) was not too well pleased when she saw the bent struts on her brand-new shelter, the next day.


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