Tuesday, September 20, 2011


"I can't believe that guy is riding a motorcycle on this trail!  Doesn't he know this is for bicycles?!"

I looked at the guy standing next to me.  He had just ridden onto the SlickRock Trail, from the Sand Flats parking lot, and stopped next to me as I watched a guy on a GasGas trials bike climbing around on a rock outcropping.

"Actually,"  I said, as I looked back at the motorbike, "this is a motorcycle trail that we are riding bicycles on."


"Yep," I continued.  "These trails were laid out in the 1960s by guys riding motorcycles:  Triumphs, BSAs...bikes like that.  And, that was all you saw out here until the early 80s, when the mountain bikes started showing up.

Just be glad that they were more tolerant of us than you are of them."

At that, I clipped in and rode off, as I waved to the motorcyclist.


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