Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Man's Trash...

The first bike I ever pulled out of a dumpster was Frenchy, a bright-red Gitane with the flashy foil wraparound decals.  It was in the dumpster of the apartment building that Val and I lived in when we first moved to Denver.  I never did use the frame for anything (it was too big for me) and it was hanging in the rafters of the garage when Val and I split up.  All of the parts, even the steel wheels, found a use, though.

Since then, I have pulled quite a few bikes, or partial bikes, out of dumpsters.

 I saw a handlebar sticking up out of a construction dumpster as I walked into the grocery store, one day.  When I looked inside, there was a 1992 MB-3 Bridgestone mountain bike in there, minus its front wheel.  I took it home, installed a set of wheels I had left over from a fixed-gear conversion, then sold the bike.

Once, as I rode to the coffee shop, I cut down the alley between Warren and Evans, and saw a wheel in the dumpster.  The wheel was attached to a 1980 Schwinn 5-speed cruiser, with a drum-brake rear wheel.  I rescued it, built a front drum-brake wheel for it, and installed a girder fork.  It belongs to one of the baristas at the coffee shop, now.

Another time, I was walking up the alley to look at a garage sale, and I saw a handlebar in the dumpster a couple of houses down.  It was on a crappy old department store bike, but the bar and stem were cool, vintage, French Tourist models.  As I wheeled it back to to my truck, the guy at the yard sale said, "I knew I should have pulled that out and sold it!"

"Yep," I replied, as I strolled by.

Why do people throw good things away?  I don't know, but I'm not too proud to rescue them!


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