Monday, September 19, 2011

Like Wearing a Kilt

Tony and I were getting ready to go for a ride, and he went into the tent to change into bike shorts and a jersey.  I stepped behind the truck, stripped down, pulled on my shorts and threw my clothes on the tailgate. 

As I sat on the tailgate, in my bike shorts, lacing my shoes, Tony emerged from the tent.  He gave me an odd look, and started fiddling with his bike.  I pulled on my jersey, and Tony gave me another sideways glance.

"What is it?"  I asked him.  He obviously had something on his mind.

"He looked at my pile of clothes, on the tailgate of the truck, and asked,"Are you not wearing underwear?"

"Well, no,"  I said, a little confused.  "I've got my bike shorts on."

Then, it dawned on me.

"Do you wear underwear with bike shorts?"  I asked him.

"Yeah..."  he said.  "Aren't you supposed to?"

I had been riding with Tony for years, at this point.  He was a really skilled rider, a former pro BMX racer.  And, that was the problem.  The BMX guys raced in long pants, much like their motorcycle-racing counterparts, with no chamois. 

So, they wear underwear beneath their racing pants.

I explained to Tony the purpose of the chamois (it keeps the seams of the shorts from chafing you, mainly), and told him that he should try riding with just the shorts.

He went back into the tent, and re-emerged a couple of minutes later.  I could tell, by the look on his face, that he wasn't sure riding Commando-style was a good idea.

We rode for a few hours, and ended up back at camp.  As we were getting off of the bikes, Tony turned to me.

"Y'know...I was a lot more comfortable on the bike,"  he said. 

I think he thought I was kidding him, until he actually rode in just his bike shorts and found out how they worked, first-hand (so to speak).


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  1. I've been commando for nearly 50 years full time. Underwear is for cold weather. Just because "it's always been done" that is not a reason for socks, underwear or suit (uniform) with tie. I don't wear bike shorts either just loose nylon shorts and I've never had a problem with excessive chaffing.
    Riding in a Kilt would be my first choice.


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