Sunday, September 11, 2011


One year, when Tony and I were racing the Winter Park Series on a regular basis, there was a racer who sorta annoyed me on a regular basis.  He was swapping 1st and 2nd overall point standings with another guy, throughout the season, so he was obviously a serious racer (unlike me).

So, he was very aggressive out on the course, and pretty unpleasant to ride around.  He always made sure to let you know that you shouldn't be out there getting in his way, as he passed you.

In the last race of the season, the Tippererary Creek point to point (28 miles long), he got away off the front, and I figured I wouldn't see him again, until I got to the finish line.  I was surprised to see him on the side of the trail, about 15 miles in, begging everybody who passed him for a chain tool.

Now, in NORBA racing, you are not allowed to accept help (or tools) from anyone else.  So, that would have technically disqualified him, anyway.  I rode on past him, with my chaintool in my seat bag, thinking that he was an idiot for not carrying his own damn tool.

He ended up in second place for the overall series, because of his oversight.  I couldn't feel too sorry for him.


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