Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flippin' Gilpin

The winter that I worked at Campus Bicycles was pretty cold and snowy.  I was living over at Orchard and Parker Road, so my commute was about 15 miles in each direction.  I mostly rode the Surly Cross-Check, especially in the snow.

I was in the habit of leaving the apartment early enough that I could swing over to Kaladi Brothers for a latte, on the way by.  I would turn north off of Iliff at High Street, then swing west onto Warren, and then north to Evans on Gilpin Street.

One particular day, I rolled up to the stop sign at Warren and Gilpin, and suddenly found myself on the ground, seeing stars.  I had hit a patch of black ice, and fell so quickly that I didn't even have a chance to brace for the landing.

I got up, and almost fell as I stepped toward my bike.  That was one slick patch of black ice.

The next day, I was forewarned, and I slowed as I approached Gilpin.  I was very careful about the ice I suspected was still there.

I fell again, anyway.  That was some slick ice!

On the third commute of the week, the next day, I finally got smart and turned at the alleyway before Gilpin, which takes you right to the door of Kaladi Brothers.  To this day, I still take the alley, even in the summertime.

It still makes me nervous to approach that stop sign at Flippin' Gilpin...

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