Monday, September 5, 2011

Boom Town

I had decided to just install a new tube in my ten-speed, because I has already patched the tube in the rear wheel about four times.  I was hoping that it was just a bad tube, and replacing it would stop the run of flats I had been having as I rode back and forth across the college campus, going to class.

I levered the old tire off, stripped out the tube, and intalled the new one.  As soon as I got the tire on, I noticed that the pump was not sitting where I kept it.  I looked all over the dorm room, and couldn't find it.  I figured Wes had probably loaned it to someone, so I took the wheel and threw it in the car.

I was going to town, so I thought I would just stop at the Shell station next to the UT-Room Restaurant and use their air hose.

I pulled in, and the attendant walked out.

"I don't need any gas, today,"  I told him.  I filled up there, pretty often.  "I just need to air up my tire..."

I pulled the bike wheel out, and showed it to him.

"I'll get that for you,"  he said, and took it out of my hand.

Before I could stop him, he jammed the hose onto the valve and let 'er rip.  Of course, the high-volume capacity air hose blew the tire right off the rim, since he didn't ease a bit of air into it to seat the bead.

BOOM!  There went my brand-new tube.

The grease monkey just handed the wheel back to me, turned around and walked away.  I was so mad, I just got in the car and drove away.  Had I stayed, I would have ended up in jail by the time I was through.

I went to school there for another four and a half years.  I never spent another penny at that Shell station.


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