Sunday, September 4, 2011


Over in the Rampart Range, near Devil's Head Mountain, is one of my favorite mountain bike descents, anywhere.  It is a single-track we referred to as "The Luge Trail", because heads downhill a snaking, sunken trough with banked turns that looks like an Olympic luge run, minus the ice.

One day, I decided to shoot a video of riders coming down the Luge Trail, at speed.  The only problem was, I only had one video camera (a huge RCA VHS camera), so I couldn't set cameramen up at every turn to capture the whole run.

So, I got Jesse and Brad to be the riders, and I shot the whole trail by waiting at a turn, then filming them from the time they came into view until they went out of sight.  Then, they would stop, head back uphill a ways as I set up at the next good vantage spot, and we would repeat the ride-by, there.

In this way, we made our way down the trail, until it spit us out into the valley below Devil's Head. 

When it was done, the video was really good.  The jump-shots from turn to turn captured the feeling of the flowy trail as the guys went by the camera at speed, kicking up rooster tails of gravel and dust as they blew through the turns.

I was glad it turned out well, because it was a royal PIA to shoot.  It took over an hour and a half to get down the trail, shooting video, and the finished product was, as i recall, just over eight minutes long!

I wish I had a copy of that video, on dvd.  But, all of my self-shot videos ended up disappearing from the bike shop, at one time or another, and now I have none of them.  We didn't have YouTube, and such, back in those days, so hard copies were all we had, and now they are gone...


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  1. Yeah, I miss the video we had made of the boys biking (it was for history class - some form of video that could be used as propaganda for a message)...Come to think of it, I also really miss the video we made for the other history class which was the telling of the 'real' sleeping beauty.


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