Sunday, August 21, 2011

Walk Softly...

For years, I cycled in cotton socks.  I wore the spandex shorts and the brightly-colored jerseys, but I really just never thought about my socks, that much.

Eventually, working at the bike shop, I decided to try out a pair of the short, thin foot covers.  I never really liked ankle-length socks, so I was a bit hesitant to get into them.

But, that first ride with wicking socks was an eye-opener, and I ended up buying a few pairs of them to ride in.  I continued changing into cotton socks for daily wear, though.

As years went by, I found myself wearing regular socks less and less, and bike socks more and more.  Eventually, I found that I was wearing bike socks, almost constantly.  Now, they are all I wear, unless I have on a suit.  Then, I still wear dress socks.

I got a new dresser for my bedroom, last year.  As I transferred my bike socks into their new drawer, I tried counting them.  I stopped counting at 75 pairs of bike socks, and still put a few in after that.

Sock it to me!


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