Monday, August 22, 2011


It's funny how random circumstances can shape your life.

Once, in 1995, I was building up a new mountain bike for myself, after hours at the shop.  I had all of the parts I needed, already paid for, and I was really looking forward to just getting the bike done and going home.

I got all of the parts hung on the frame, and realized that it was after nine o'clock, and I was dead tired.  So, I threw everything into my truck and headed home, happy that I was off work, the next day.  I figured I would finish assembling the bike, in the morning, then go for the inaugural ride.

The next morning, I put the bike in my stand in the basement, hooked up the cables, and got everything adjusted.  It was only when I went to install the grips that I realized I had never grabbed a new set for this bike.

I rummaged around in my spare parts, and finally came up with a pair of the same grips.  The only problem was that one of the grips was black, and one was red.  I installed them, and figured I would just take them off and put on a matching set at the shop.

Two months later, I realized that I had never matched up the colors on the grips.  I was wrapping the bars on my road bike, at the time, so I wrapped one side in black, and one in "natural" (brown), in honor of my mountain bike.

I ran bi-colored grips for years, and thought of it as my signature.  Eventually, it was more convenient to wrap both sides in the same color, or to use matching grips, and I abandoned my mismatched color scheme.

Now that I think of it, though, it might be time to get my groove back, grip-wise...



  1. I am not gonna tell ya to get a grip, Jon!

    Peace :)

    PS. I have worn different colored socks to work! Go figure!!

  2. Ha! I should have used "Get A Grip" as the title!


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