Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Snow Busines Like Snow Business

I pedal along and I think to myself that there can be nothing better. The temperature is quite a few degrees below zero (F) and nobody has yet ventured out in their cars.

My tires cut the first tracks through the snow, and my breath fogs the morning air.  Nothing else interferes with my cognition...nothing exists other than the cold and the snow.

I think to myself, "I can't wait until Summer, so I can ride in the warm air..."

And I continue on, my tires crunching through the now.

"I know that I will miss this, when the sweat is pouring down my face," I think...

But, I am wrong.  I find myself riding through the heat, six months later, and I don't miss the cold, at all.

Screw the cold weather.  I am a hot-temp kind of guy!  No...wait..Screw the hot weather...

Aw, man!  Maybe I just like riding a bike...


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