Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pizza Pie

"You guys are the most unhealthy bunch of bike-shop employees I've ever seen!" exclaimed our Specialized rep, one day in 1994.

He was looking at the remains of two extra-large pizzas, and a large order of Buffalo chicken wings, as though he just couldn't believe his eyes.

"Well, like I said, that's pretty much what we eat, every day," I lied.  I had told him that the remains of a lunch a grateful customer had sent us was our normal lunch diet, just because I knew that he wouldn't approve.  He was one of those bike-snobs who talked incessantly about what he ate, and how hard he trained , and how fast he was, etc.

I didn't much like him, so I made it a point to bug him, like that.

He eventually left the bike biz, and became a "factory certified Harley frame-builder", according to his wife.

I wonder what he thought of the Harley-guy diet...


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