Monday, August 15, 2011

Patch or Replace?

I have to admit that I don't always trust patches on bike tubes.  Many things can go wrong with the process.  A seam in the tube can interfere with adhesion of the patch, or the glue can be too old and not hold.  Or, user-error can come into play.

So, I tend to replace the tube with a spare, and patch the tube which went flat.  I then put the patched tube in my bag, just in case...

But, I occasionally get in a mood where I don't want to waste tubes, and I start patching them instead of replacing the,

Once, I had ridden the same tubes, all summer long, and really didn't keep up with how many flats I'd had.  When I replaced the rear tire, I pulled the tube out and was a little surprised:  18 patches! 

Hell, I should have kept that tube, forever.  It was more patch than tube, and probably more thorn-resistant than any commercially-available tube.


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