Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey! I Was There!

On one of the many trips we made to Moab, in 1993 a bunch of us pulled into the parking lot at the Slickrock Trail.  There, we saw a big old 1970s station wagon, with huge Thule racks on top, and enough clamps and wheel holders for about a dozen bikes.  The wheel holders, themselves, were fashioned from RockShox suspension forks, and the car was plastered with manufacturers stickers.

"Who do you suppose that belongs to?"  Bill asked no one in particular.

"Must be a race team of some sort,"  I said, pulling my bike out of the truck.

We all took off on the trail, and the big wagon was discussed a bit, then relegated to the backs of our minds.  On the the Slickrock Trail, it's best if you pay attention to where you are going, and leave the conjecture for later.  You don't want to be distracted by the question of who the cool car may belong to, and end up riding off of a 300-foot drop...

While we were out on the trail, we saw a guy in the distance, riding a polka-dot bike while another guy filmed him.  We watched for a while, because the guy was good, then we continued on.

When we got back to the parking lot, the big wagon was gone.

Months later, Bill walked up to me in the bike shop and handed me a magazine.

"Look familiar?"

There, front and center in the ad for a new feature-length film about mountain biking, called Tread: The Movie, was the big station wagon we had seen in Moab.  Of course, we made plans to see the movie, as soon as possible.

We got the chance, not long after, when the film premiered in Denver at the Paramount Theater.  It was a big industry extravaganza, with manufacturers displays and a general festive atmosphere.  This was huge, in 1994, to have mountain biking hit the big screen, and the public consciousness.

As we sat and watched the movie, those of us who had been on that trip to Moab nudged each other every time we saw the big wagon the screen.  Then, when the polka-dot bike showed up on the screen it occurred to us that we had not only seen the car, but we had actually been on the trail as they filmed the sequence we saw on the big screen.

It's a pretty goofy movie, really.  And, if you aren't a cyclist, it is probably close to unwatchable.  But, it stars a couple of guys I have met (Hans Rey and Greg Herbold - who happens to be the brother of Carol's sister-in-law), and...I was there when they filmed part of it.

So, I like it.  A lot.

I should get it on dvd.  I only have it on tape, and I no longer own a working vcr...



  1. Yeah, small world isn't it? I would like to see it.

  2. I actually went ahead and ordered the dvd, last night...


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