Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Abandon Ship!

I don't often bail out from a ride before I get to where I am going.  But, there have been  few times when I have done so.  Once, last year, I just finally bonked to the point where I couldn't make the last 20 miles of a 100 mile ride.  But, one other time, almost 10 years ago, really sticks out in my mind.

Scott, Carol, a couple of other guys and I dropped some cars off at the eastern terminus of the Highline Canal, then we shuttled back to Chatfield Reservoir.  There, we started riding from the western terminus of the trail, with the plan to ride the entire 75 mile length of the Highline Canal Trail.

The first 30 miles, or so, went fine.  But, as we passed through the Aurora area, we began to have a problem with flats.  And, I was having a bigger problem than everyone else.  I replaced the first couple of flat tubes with my spares, and put the patched tubes in my bag "just in case".

Before it was over, I used every patch in both my kit and Carol's, as well.  At one point, I stopped and patched my rear tire, got on the bike and made only two turns of the cranks before my front tire was flat.

Eventually, I threw in the towel.  Riding on two flats, I left the trail and rode down Smith Road with Scott and Carol.  At the first restaurant/bar we came to, I called a cab and ordered a gin and tonic.

Scott took the cab to his car, then came back to pick Carol and me up.  After a couple more drinks, Scott drove us back to my truck, at Chatfield.

I bought new tires to replace the Hutchinson cross tires I had been running.  I don't know if the tires were particularly susceptible to goathead thorns, or if it was just the luck of the draw.  But, I had had my fill of flatting that particular set of tires.


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