Monday, July 11, 2011

Uh...What Was That?

One day, in 1998, I managed to run over my favorite bike with a truck.  Twice.

Rich and I were supposed to meet at the shop, at 7:30 AM, to take a long ride.  We both had the day off, and we planned to do an anything-goes ride (what we call a "mixed-terrain" ride, nowadays).  So, I pulled my Dodge Ram 1500 4WD pickup truck into the parking lot at about 7:20, and unloaded my bike.

I leaned the bike on the back bumper of the truck, and changed shoes.  Then, I threw my street shoes into the cab, and sat in the driver's seat listening to the radio.  Seven-thirty came, and went, but Rich was nowhere to be seen.  I sat in the cab of the truck, listening to the radio and checking my watch, periodically, until almost 8:00.

"Screw this,"  I thought to myself.  "I'm going home."

I started the truck and backed up.  Thump-thump.

"What the heck?"  I thought, and pulled forword.


It was about then that it occurred to me that the thumps were produced by running over my Diamondback Avail cross bike, which I had forgotten was leaning on the back of the truck.

I got out, and surveyed the damage.  I had run squarely over the bottom brack with the truck wheel.  The crank was broken, and the frame of the bike was folded at about a 30-degree angle.  I was not particularly happy, when I saw that.

I took the bike into the shop, and used the frame alignment tool to traighten the tubes.  Then, I got out the frame dies and got the tubing as round as possible, at the bend points.  After I had the frame aligned, I threw the bike into the truck, and went home. 

There, I took off the broken Avocet touring crank, and replaced it with a Shimano 105 Triple that I had lying about.  Once everything was back in working order, I foot the bike out for a 40 mile ride, just ot make sure everything was working.

Steel, as they say, is real.

I rode that bike another couple of years, then sold it to one of the mechanics at the shop.  He moved to Winter Park, and used the Avail as his only bike, commuting and mountain biking on it, until the frame broke.

The frame broke at the drive-side dropout, not at the spot where it was damaged from the run-over, though.

Eric hung it on the wall of the house he shared with a bunch of other ski and bike bums, as a display.   It hung there for about 6 months, until someone stole it.

Rich later told me that he had just forgotten that we were supposed to ride, that day.  If he hadn't, I might still be riding that Avail.  It was a good bike, and I only replaced it because it hurt me to look at it, after I ran over it.




  1. Ah, the old I forgot about the bike leaning on the rear bumper trick.

  2. I think what you did is not as bad as sitting on one's own pair of glasses :)

    Peace :)


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